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  Presentation of Pre-Budget Memorandum for the year 2014-2015




DMAI/CIR/13/2013-2014                                                                6th September 2013         




Dear Member,


                        Re: Presentation of Pre-Budget Memorandum for the year 2014-2015


As in the past, DMAI proposes to submit a comprehensive memorandum containing its proposal for the Union Budget for the year 2014-2015 to all the concerned Ministries and Departments. As these Ministries take up the budget preparation exercise well in advance for presentation to the Parliament, we would like to send our memorandum within a short time. We, therefore, request our members to send their comments/views, including suggestions for improvement on any of the points broadly listed below:


i)  Simplification and Rationalisation of Laws and Procedures as well as Changes in the Direct/Indirect Tax Laws related to Income Tax, Central Excise, Customs, Export Incentives (Duty Drawback & DEPB), Service tax, Tariff and Classification etc., including provision relating to tax exemption.


ii)   New Direct Taxes Code (DTC) Bill & GST draft published. 


iii) Any other relevant matter concerning, in particular, the Dyes and Dyes Intermediates Industry


Since we intend to prepare the final draft of our memorandum during the 2nd week of October 2013 for submission to the Govt. Departments, we request you to send your comments/views immediately so as to reach the same to us on or before 25th September 2013, without necessitating a further reminder in this regard. Your suggestions should be brief, self-explanatory with proper justification and illustrations, wherever possible.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

For The Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India








Attachment :-

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