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  A Note on Seminar on 'Application of Green Chemistry in the Colorants Industry' held on 20th September 2013 at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai

A Note on Seminar on Application of Green Chemistry in the Colorants Industry held on 20th September 2013 at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai


At the behest of the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India a Seminar on Application of Green Chemistry in the Colorants Industry was held at Hotel Sea Princess on September 20, 2013. We feel privileged that the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals chose DMAI as its partner to propagate the idea of Green Chemistry to our industry. The Seminar was attended by 88 delegates representing companies from small scale to large scale multinational corporations.  


The proceedings were inaugurated by Dr. A. J. V. Prasad, Joint Secretary, Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals. Dr. Prasad showed in depth knowledge on this topic in his address to the gathering. His passion for the subject prompted him to move away from his prepared speech, and he dwelled ex-tempore into his vision, Colorants industry’s current situation and his valuable insights as to the way forward for the industry. It is indeed gratifying to see the interest Government is taking to take care of the environment and the Industry’s sustainable growth.


The program was divided into 3 sessions as follows:

1.  Advances in Green Chemistry

     Chairman: Mr. Janak Mehta

      Presentations: (i) Dr. Sunil Deval, Product Stewardship – India, Customer Support BU

                                     Pigments, Clariant Chemicals (India) Ltd.

                               (ii) Mr. P.S.Kulkarni, General Manager (Product Management)

                                     Jay Chemical Industries Ltd.        


2.  Process Intensification Through Green Chemistry


   Chairman: Dr. Shavak Bhumgara

   Presentations: (i) Mr. D.G.Udas, Ultra Conserve Ltd.

                            (ii) Prof. B.M.Bhanage, ICT, Mumbai


3.  Panel Discussion


    Chairman: Prof. V.R.Kanetkar

    Participants: (i) Mr. Ram Ajekar, For DMAI (ii) Mr. Madhu Maheshwari, For SME Sector

   (iii) Mr. Ajit M. Naik, For ‘Intermediates’ (iv) Mr. V. Muthuswamy, For Organised Sector




The Seminar was extremely well appreciated by those who attended. Doubts that prevailed on the minds of delegates at the beginning of the sessions such as ”Is Green Chemistry just a buzz word or a passing fad?”, “Does the industry really have the time to implement yet another system?”, “How will this benefit my company?” and other such questions were addressed by the excellent presentations in the two technical sessions. The first session highlighted ideas already implemented and which have met with success in the industry while the second session provided a plethora of possibilities yet to be explored and put into practice. Towards the end there was unanimous agreement amongst all present that we not only owe the implementation of this philosophy to the future generations, but also to our own business. Minimizing waste would give a competitive edge over those who choose not to embrace these concepts - and thus is important for survival of our own business.


Einstein said “The substantial problems we face today cannot be solved by thinking at the level we were at when we first created them”. ‘Going forward concepts’ such as Green Chemistry will be inevitable, if we are serious about preservation of our environment. Indeed our industry needs to embrace these new ideas with open arms for survival of our companies as well as the planet.

The Presentations made at the Seminar shall be made available in a CD format.

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