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  Proceedings of Application of Green Chemistry in the Colorants Industry held on 11th December 2014



Proceedings of Application of Green Chemistry in the Colorants Industry held on 11th December 2014


A full day Seminar on ‘Application of Green Chemistry in the Colorant Industry’ was organized on the 11th December 2014 at Hotel Sea Princess, Mumbai by the Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, GOI jointly with DMAI.  About 80 members participated in this well appreciated Seminar.


Mr.Ram Ajekar, Imm. Past President anchored the proceedings.  In his introductory remarks, he pointed out that the very fact that the Dept. has initiated this Seminar for the second year in a row shows the importance the Dept. attaches to this topic.  Green Chemistry, which is sustainable chemistry, has great significance for the colorant industry, as it is our duty to safeguard the environment for the sustainability of our Mother Earth and our survival.


Inaugural Session 


President Mr.Janak Mehta, in his welcome address, thanked the Department for organizing the second Seminar jointly with DMAI on such important topic.  He also thanked Dr.A.J.V. Prasad, Jt.Secretary, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, GOI for his presence as the Chief Guest.


While the biennial Convention on Colorants organized by DMAI with ICT is for educating members on technical innovation, this Seminar is dedicated to the need for adoption of Green Chemistry.  The Seminar gives an opportunity to increase awareness and change our mindset towards adoption of Green Chemistry, which will prove to be a win-win situation.


Mr.Kamal Kapoor, Jt.Secretary then introduced Dr.A.J.V. Prasad to the audience.


Dr. Prasad in his inspiring address thanked DMAI for organizing the Seminar at their behest.  While acknowledging the vast potential of the Indian colorant industry in the global market, he emphasized the need for adoption of Green Chemistry, which involves recovery of recycling, besides strict compliance of various statutory requirements.


Dr.Prasad enumerated 12 principles of Green Chemistry.  In this regard, he stressed the need for higher investment in R&D. 


Referring to the 3 slogans of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi viz. ‘Make in India, Zero effect – Zero defect’ and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Dr.Prasad mentioned about their relevance to the colorant industry and Green Chemistry.  He lamented that while we Indians excel individually, we lack team spirit.  He cited the example of South Korea in the area of innovation and R&D.  This was possible with increased investment in R&D and giving excellent incentives to the team involved in this activity.


Dr.Prasad expressed confidence that Indian colorant industry will rise to the occasion and succeed in making Green Chemistry a reality with a coordinated partnership amongst industry, academia and the Govt.


The inaugural Session ended with a vote of thanks by the Hon.Secretary Mr.Jitendra Patel.


Business Session


The Technical Sessions, which followed were divided into 2 parts as under :

1.      Advances in Green Chemistry

Mr.Ajay Kadakia, Past President and Managing Committee member introduced the Chairman to the audience

                 Chairman       - Mr. Tej Dialani, Clariant Chemicals ( India ) Ltd

            Speakers       : i) Prof. P.M. Bhate,  Professor, Dept.of Dyestuff Technology,

                                                        Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT)

                               ii) Dr. Sambhaji R. Chopdekar, Group Research Leader,

                                                                     Research & Technology, Textile Effect, 

                                                                                Huntsman International (India) Private Limited 


The Session ended with a vote of thanks by Managing Committee member Mr.V.D. Widge

2.      Process Intensification Through Green Chemistry

Mr.Raju Marfatia, Managing Committee member introduced the Chairman.


Chairman      -  Mr.Rajen Shah

                         Techno Color Corporation

Speakers     : i) Mr.Tushar K. Bandopadhyay

                          Indian Centre for Plastics in the Environment

                     ii) Mr.Nitesh Mehta                        

                         Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


The Session ended with a vote of thanks by Managing Committee member Mr.Manoj Saptarshi.


Panel Discussion


Mr. Ramesh Doshi, Hon. Treasurer introduced the Chairman.


Chairman            : Prof. V.R. Kanetkar,

Panel Members   1) Dr.Shavak Bhumgara, (SME Sector)

                           2) Prof. (Dr.) Kishore Desai (Academia)

                           3) Mr.Tushar K. Bandopadhaya, Indian Centre for Plastic in the Environment


After the presentation, Panelists replied to various questions put forward by the members from the audience.


Mr.Vinit Shah, Managing Committee member thereafter proposed a vote of thanks to all those involved in the success of the entire days of Seminar.


Like last year, this Seminar was also highly appreciated.  The presentations were found to be very practical and implementable.   We are sure the Seminar should increase the awareness on Green Chemistry and change the mindset of those, who attended.





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