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  Updation of your Membership Data





DMAI/CIR/22/2014-2015                                                12th January 2015




Dear Member,


                                     Re : Updation of your Membership Data


We intend to update data of our members, including contact details in our website as well as the Members Directory.  Some of the particulars about your unit already recorded with us might have become obsolete and outdated.  In the present context of speedy and accurate communication through email / website, updation has become more focused and relevant.


Accordingly, we request you to send us your updated details as per the format enclosed (KNOW YOUR MEMBER - KYM FORM) to DMAI Secretariat at the earliest on or before 31st January  2015, failing which it will be construed that the information already available with us has not undergone any change for updation.  Please also note that all future correspondence will be done thru. Email hereafter.  We, therefore, request you to give your proper Email ID in the format for speedy communication.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

For The Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India






Encl : as above





                            KNOW YOUR MEMBER




Name of the Company/Unit             :


Address                     :

Registered Office

Correspondence Off.














Registered Office




Tel No.                    :





Fax No.                    :





Email ID                                          

(With alternate one for

Speedy communication, if any)         :


URL, if any,                                    :


Brief Description / history of the Co.

(In about 50 words)                           :                


Category of membership


    SME Unit  


    Non SME Unit                              


    Associate member



Annual Membership                          Life Membership       


                                                                   Name/s                                                    Mobile No.


Contact Person/s                                :




Product Range                                     :



                                  (Signature & Rubber Stamp of Co.)



Attachment :-

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