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  ITMA -2015 – Opening of Registration for the Forum




DMAICIR/6/2015-2016                        10th July 2015




Dear Member,                    


             Re : ITMA -2015 – Opening of Registration for the Forum


We have received a communication from Ms. Angélica Madrid, Manager, MP Expositions Pte Ltd, Organizers of ITMA 2015 informing about the opening of registration for Forum for ITMA 2015 at a special discounted rate to DMAI members.  We have also been informed about group discount letter for 8 days for visitor badge to ITMA exhibition for our members, which is enclosed for your information and necessary action, please. 


Those members desirous of participating in the Forum may do so directly by clicking the links mentioned in the mail under advice to us.


Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,

For The Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India






Encl : as above


Dear All,


I am pleased to announce that the registration for the forum is now open. We also updated the confirmed speakers in the website. Please see link below




The regular  fee to attend the forum  is  €65. However,  the members from your association  will to enjoy it at 40 if they register online by 30  September  2015 with the discount code: ITMA2015ConfC&C


Payment is done online by credit card.


Please note that the forum is only open to  ITMA 2015 registered visitors/ exhibitors. Thus, besides registering for the forum  delegates  should purchase their  ITMA badge at http://www.itma.com/registration/visitor-badge


Could you kindly disseminate this information to your members so that they can enjoy the discounted rate?


At a later stage I will send you a code for you to register your  free of charge  pass for the forum.


Should you need any clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

Angélica Madrid


MP Expositions Pte Ltd
20 Kallang Avenue 2nd Floor Pico Creative Centre Singapore 339411
T +65 6393 0221   
M +65 9007 7794    E angelica.madrid@mpinetwork.com     S angelicakeka2



Good day.


Once again, we thank The Dyestuffs Manufacturers’ Association of India (DMAI) for being the Supporting Organisation of ITMA 2015.


As attached, pls find the group discount letter for the 8-days visitor badge to ITMA 2015 exhibition for your association. In this letter, you will see the group registration guide together with the group access code, in which you can order your ITMA 2015 visitor badges for your association members at a preferential rate.


Once you have ordered your badges, you can then issue and email the invitation codes to your members to register for ITMA 2015 exhibition. This offer will only be valid if your members register for their visitor badges online latest by 15 October 2015.


On top of that, as per our agreement, there are 2 complimentary 8-days visitor badges to ITMA 2015 for the management of your association. Pls kindly provide their full name and job title as follows so that we can proceed to issue to you:


Complimentary Badge

Full Name

Job Title

Badge 1



Badge 2




Should you have further clarification, pls do let us know.


I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Best Regards


Patricia Chong 
Marketing Communications Manager
MP International Pte Ltd
20 Kallang Avenue 2nd Floor Pico Creative Centre Singapore 339411
T +65 6393 0220     M +65 9139 4930     
patricia.chong@mpinetwork.com     S patricia.lh.chong    F +65 6392 2905    W www.mpinetwork.com

Attachment :-

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