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  Brief Report on 65th Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation Function of DMAI

Colorant Industry will have to adhere to the Pollution Norms for compatibility and sustainability sooner than later’ declares Shri Surjit Kumar Chaudhary in the 65th Annual General Meeting & Awards Presentation Function of DMAI


The 65th Annual General Meeting of the Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India (DMAI) and Awards Presentation function was held on Friday, the 3rd July 2015 at Hotel Sea Princess, Juhu Tara Road, Santacruz(W), Mumbai.


Shri Surjit Kumar Chaudhary, Secretary, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, GOI, was the Chief Guest.  More than 100 members of the Association with their spouses, special invitees, guests & other dignitaries and Press attended the meeting.




In his brief address, President Shri Janak Mehta welcomed the members.   While presenting the Annual Report for the year 2014-2015, Hon.Secretary, Shri Jitendra Patel highlighted the various activities of the Association as under:


-                Representation to Govt. and other agencies on various issues concerning the Colorant Industry like Proposal for constitution of High Power Standing Committee, Adoption of Technical Regulations in respect of Chemical Products, EIA inspection for issuance of Certificate of Origin for export consignments, Amendment to Environmental Laws, Suggestions for increase in exports, Pollution related problems etc.


-                Conducted 64th Annual General Meeting and Awards Presentation function on 4th August 2014 at Sea Princess, Juhu, Mumbai


-                Attended meetings on Amendment to Environmental Laws in Ankleshwar on 11-9-2014, Sales Tax on Border Check Post proposal on 12-12-2014 in Mumbai, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India on 26th December 2014 in New Delhi on Environment related issues, Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) on Colour Index, Poisons Act 1919 (Regulation & Control of sales & use of Acid Rules 2014) in Ankleshwar on 9th April 2015.  Also, met Shri Surjit Kumar Chaudhary, Secretary, Dept. of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. Of India in Mumbai on 14-1-2015 regarding pending issues for the colorant industry.



-            Organised 2nd Seminar on Application of Green Chemistry in Colorants Industry on 11-12-2014, Half Yearly Meeting on 8-12 January 2015 in Hotel Taj Vivanta in Bekal, Kerala, EXIM Policy 2015-2020 on 12th May 2015 in Mumbai.


-                Conducted 6th Edition of International Convention on Colorants 2015 (COC-15) in Mumbai on 3-4 March 2015.


-                Participated in China Interdye 2015 Exhibition in Shanghai, China on 15-17 April 2015


-                Constituted various Sub-Committees for Website, Technical, Membership Drive, Environment Related issues etc.,


-                Submitted suggestions for meeting on 10-11-2014 in Vapi on Exemption of Public hearing for the units situated in approved industrial Estates for public consultation process, removal of industrial estates of Ankleshwar, Vapi and Vatva from the critical list etc.,


-                Submitted proposal for Union Budget 2015-2016


-                Regular publication of DMAI NEWSLETTER on quarterly intervals


-                Submitted Mid-Term Review Petition in the matter of Anti Dumping Investigation on DASDA


-                Appeal to members for support and co-operation on CSR under Swachh Vidyalaya Campaign


-                Publication of DMAI page regularly in Colourage of Colour Publications


Shri C.K. Singhania, 1st Vice President thereafter presented the Audited Income & Expenditure A/C for the year ended 31-3-2015 and Balance Sheet as on 31-3-2015.


In the lively question-answer session that followed, Prof. V.R. Kanetkar, Managing Committee member briefed the members about the deliberations in the meeting recently held in Delhi on Pollution related issues.  Shri Janak Mehta also touched upon various other issues like redevelopment of our Samuel Street Premises, recession in the industry, REACH implementation, new Chemical Policy on the anvil etc.




Shri Ram Ajekar, Imm. Past President anchored the proceedings.


President Shri Janak Mehta, in his address, welcomed the gathering.  He thanked Shri Surjit Kumar Chaudhary, Secretary for his participation as the Chief Guest, despite his busy schedule.                      


While dwelling upon the problems faced by the colorant industry, Shri Mehta mentioned that industry is going through a very difficult phase.  There has been depletion of about 40% in production level.  Exports have also come down drastically compared to last year, notwithstanding the industry having captured about 16% of the global market.  He was afraid that there may be a negative growth in the industry in the coming days due to mainly global unfavourable market conditions, for which we have to take a hard look into the matter. 


One of the main impediments for decline is that industrial estates at Vapi, Ankleshwar and Ahmedabad are still under moratorium and have not yet come out of the critical list.  Although there has been a lot of corrective action taken by the industry individually and collectively, it is regretted that the estates continue to be in the critical list, which has, in fact, choked the industry due to its inability to grow and change the product mix as per the demand in the market under the present context.  There is an urgent need for the authorities to take appropriate and suitable steps, as almost 2/3 of production goes for exports and balance 1/3 for domestic consumption.   


Another problem faced by the industry is Anti Dumping Duties imposed at the behest of a few local manufacturers, which in turn adds to the cost of the product, Shri Mehta averred.  This result in artificial protection of the basic upstream manufacturer at the cost of value added downstream industry, which is mainly export oriented.  He further requested that the norms should be separate for different medium of discharge viz. land, inland water bodies and marine.  Also, these norms should be fixed after a proper EIA study.   He also mentioned about the Chemical Policy, which is on the anvil.


REACH is another issue, wherein large investment is required for registration of products, cost of which is very much prohibitive.  Shri Mehta appealed that Govt. should extend its helping hand, particularly for SME sector by giving substantial grants for registration of their products.  This has to be the top most priority, which involves a lot of funds.  The industry needs financial support for this immediately, as the last date for registration is 2018. 


Colorant industry is one of the major contributors from the chemical sector for the GDP of the country and has great potential to grow.  Shri Mehta requested the Govt. support and assistance to overcome the present difficult phase for its continued growth.  He concluded his welcome address by extending his warm felicitations to the award winners from both industry and academia and all other members for prosperous days ahead.


Shri Surjit Kumar Chaudhary then presented the Annual Awards to the recipients from the industry for the year 2014-2015 for excellence in several fields like Performance in the exports of Dyestuffs, Dye Intermediates, Optical Whitening Agents, Domestic Market, Merchant Exporter, Pollution and Safety and Hazards Control Management under various categories. Dr.S.K. Bhumgara, member of the Awards Committee declared the award winners under each category.  Citation was also conferred on the technical awardees.    As per the past tradition, increased cash prize of Rs.10,000/- each with a trophy sponsored by our member units and certificate were also presented to the students of ICT, Mumbai, who had topped their respective classes for 2013-2014.   Certificates were also presented to members having obtained ISO 9001 & 14001, 22000-2005 accreditation during the year.    


Shri K. Srivatsan, Managing Committee member thereafter introduced the Chief Guest to the audience.   


At the outset, Shri Chaudhary, thanked DMAI for inviting him to participate in the AGM as the Chief Guest.  He congratulated the award winners from the industry and vibrant and dynamic toppers from ICT in particular, who would be taking the industry forward in the days to come.  He also suggested for instituting an additional award by DMAI to new entrepreneurs in the industry. 


Shri Chaudhary categorically cautioned that the colorant industry will have to adhere to the pollution norms for its combatability and sustainability sooner than later.  Policies have been laid after considerable thought and deliberation for implementation.   He cited a few cases like Punjab Green Revolution, Bhopal Gas Tragedy etc., where human health suffered adversely due to neglect of environment and dis-balanced usage of chemicals.  Shri Chaudhary also quoted Tirupur Textile Industry as well as tanneries in Tamil Nadu, which made the industry more compliant and eco-friendly due to proper usage of chemicals 


Shri Chaudhary, however, regretted that the growth rate of the chemical industry has not been encouraging compared to the past.  Whereas imports have gone up substantially, exports have depleted.  The basic raw material of Naphtha is exported to China, which in turn exports processed products to our country for the domestic market as well as exports to mainly five countries.  Instead of the feedstock being used by the domestic manufacturers, it is on the contrary exported resulting into national wealth going elsewhere, which itself is an aberration. 


On the positives, Shri Chaudhary stated that the Ministry of Environment & Forests has agreed in principle to consider removal of the industrial estates from Vapi, Ankleshwar and Ahmedabad from the critical list and also for change in the products mix.  Regular follow up from the industry is needed for its logical conclusion.  He also mentioned about the Chemical Policy, which is in their active consideration.  Other initiatives include REACH regulations, skill development, producing of standard and safe chemicals in the industry.  


As far as PCPIR policy is concerned, Shri Chaudhary stated that the following three initiatives are necessary on priority basis, without which it cannot be completed successfully.

i)           Single Window Clearance – This will enable new entrepreneurs start the business without any hassle, instead of going from pillar to post to get various permits

ii)         Availability of feedstock to ensure its uninterrupted supply at affordable cost to the downstream industries

iii)       Increase investment in infrastructure


While concluding his address, Shri Chaudhary extended his best wishes to all the participants and congratulated the award winners.   He assured of his Dept.’s support and assistance for all the endeavours undertaken by DMAI for the industry’s sustainable and continued growth in future.                                               

Hon.Secretary Shri Jitendra Patel thereafter proposed a vote of thanks.

The meeting was followed by cocktails and dinner as in the past.



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